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Located at the foot of Erg Chigaga dunes, Berber Camp offers to its guests a first class glamping desert experience. Berber Camp is not just another luxury desert camp in Morocco Sahara desert. It is a masterpiece inspired from the deepest roots of our Berber heritage. Our luxury desert camp is a not a place just to sleep. It will immerse you inside all aspects of the Berber culture and nomadic lifestyle. Berber Camp has two main camps not far from each other. A camp with 10 luxurious tent-suites and another with only 4. There is a possibility to set up a private luxury camp a few dunes from our main camps if you want more privacy.



Berber Camp's luxury tents are designed the Berber way. There are however some apsects of the occidental world when it comes to toilets and shower. Inside the tent, you will find a high quality king size bed, pillows and Berber carpets. You will have also en-suite toilets and hot water shower with all toilettery accessories. Your luxury tent has electricity (solar power) for lighting and for charging your devices. There is a lounge area to enjoy your mint tea or your breakfast if you wish to have it inside. Right near the door of your tent, there are also 2 lounge areas to enjoy the tranquility of the desert with your travel partner. Tents at Berber Camp can be arranged as single, double, twin or triple.


Erg Chigaga is one of the best Sahara desert destinations in Morocco. It is located in the province of Zagora. The closest village to Erg Chigaga dunes is M'hamid El Ghizlane. The dunes are the biggest and the widest in Morocco. Only experienced drivers (real nomads) and vehicles with off-roading capability can reach these big dunes. This reason made Erg Chigaga mass tourism free area, unlike other desert destinations where big groups occupy the dunes. Erg Chigaga is ideal for honeymooners, families and small friends groups.



The Sahara desert was always -and still is- our world. It’s the home of our animals, the terrain of our games, the church of our marriages, the Tibet of our meditations. We find our peace between the lines drawn by the wind on the dunes.

By creating our masterpiece camp in the middle of Erg Chigaga dunes, we want to share with people from all around the world this special spiritual connection we have with the Sahara desert. Our Berber family will make you live a unique experience and will guide you to explore the deepest and the richest aspects of the Berber culture.

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